Donna Hourani

Meet Donna, the woman who created
Donna Hourani brand,

With a background rich in diverse expertise, Donna Hourani made her way to her true
calling by making worthwhile stops along the way. As well as being GIA (Gemology
Institute of America) certified, Donna has a BA in Interior Architecture and solid experience
in both art and dance—all of which establish her creative base and family background.

In addition to caring for her three children, Donna spends her time expressing her artistic
abilities and every day inspiration into her work, designing every jewelry piece with
meaning, utter devotion and detail. From sketches to physical outcome, her dedication to
aesthetics and quality ensure every piece is left with a story bigger than its existence; and
every client with a purpose fulfilled.

Donna in the press

In Harper's Bazaar - May 2017
In Vogue Paris - April 2017
In Vogue Arabia- September 2017
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