About the Brand

Donna Hourani Jewelry believes that the little things in life—the simple
pleasures—create the biggest impact on the soul.

That’s why the brand specializes in honest, sustainable and purposefully selected pieces, each collection with a unique message and story to tell. After sketching her designs, Donna's vision is then brought to life by highly skillful craftsmen with unrivaled artistry and finesse.

Due to the brand’s giving nature, DH Jewelry sets pieces aside purely for charity. Each charitable cause varies for different collections.

Only high quality, natural precious and semi precious gemstones, along with 18 karat gold, are used to create the pieces, which are handpicked and ethically sourced by the woman behind the brand herself, Donna Hourani. The brand is proudly committed and upholds high standards of environmental, social and economical sustainability throughout the supply chain.

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